Park rangers assaulted by skateboarders

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July 16, 2013- We previously reported on a gang-style fight in the East Village whereby skateboarders brutally assaulted some clubgoers, knocking one unconscious and trying to then steal his sneakers (That video has been removed by the owner).  The relevance to BPC was that similar skateboard gangs travel to the parks to use the esplanade, and have also assaulted PEPs in the past, two years ago hitting a male PEP officer over the head with a skateboard.

BP.TV has learned that the PEP were assaulted once again, last month, by a violent gang of skateboarders. An officer was knocked unconscious and arrests were made (see video).

Note, at the 4-minute mark of the video, the tough guys get excited when told that a lawyer is watching the arrest. They change from using the N-word to seeking the help of an ambulance chaser.

On the YouTube site of the man arrested, which posted the video above, he gives a description of the incident, admitting to assaulting the PEP and fleeing arrest (It seems to be a legitimate YouTube channel and not an imposter). His comments, “Story behind the arrest: Myself, Rondell (person being arrested), and about 7 other people were all skateboarding on the upper level in battery park, nyc. So the Parks Department officers come and tell us that we are only allowed to skate on the lower level, so without any arguing, we skate on the lower level.

About 45 minutes-1 Hour pass, and we are all still skating, and all of a sudden, these 2 people that usually go around cleaning up the park pull up in a small car telling us how we aren’t allowed to skate on the lower level, (which in fact in battery park there is a sign that says, “skateboards on lower level only.”) so then the officers who told us to only stay on the lower level (who had just been standing there the whole time watching us skate) come up to the cleaning people and start telling them how they have been trying to get us to leave for an hour and we wouldn’t leave (meanwhile they were just standing there watching us and talking to each other)

So even though we knew that they were lying about trying to get us to leave, we still were going to leave without arguing. So on our way out, Rondell bends down to pick up his board and the officer (officer #445 J. Walker, the one putting the cuffs on in the video) knees Rondell in the back of the head, so instinctively, Rondell pushed him in defense, which is when all 4 officers chased him and one of them (Short Caucasian man with sunglasses) tripped and fell into a tree and knocked himself unconscious for a minute.

(just so the viewers know that no assault was placed on the officers) Then the other 3 officers (J. Walker, The female, and the tall Caucasian man) pushed Rondell in to a planter and bashed their knees several times into Rondell’s face, and pinned his face to the ground with their knees. The officers also: did not Read Rondell’s rights, searched him without any reason, and all 3 of the other officers refused to identify themselves. Please share this video as much as possible.”

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2 Responses to Park rangers assaulted by skateboarders

  1. Wake up Residents!!! says:

    Peps are at fault in this case !!!
    Civil rights violations again! The article title is Wrong!!!

    Poorly trained unit…… They don’t know laws !!

    A $3 mil contract now…..another increased fraud on the residents !!

    Wake up….oh wait….Bpc is like the Nuremberg trials of 1945

    Record and tape them !!!! Bpc has the highest # of peps ….they are all 1st class gangsters……. Illegal search, illegal arrest, brutality , etc

  2. Fran says:

    As I have said in the past, the skateboarders are argumentative…loud..disrespectful…I never approach them on my own…but the constant slamming of the boards against the concrete is nerve racking when you live above it….the PEP officers have been wonderful responding. Whenever I call, they immediately show up….I am not alone in the annoyance…

    Why won’t BPCA put up signs or rubber strips on the steps so that they can be told a sign is posted…this has been ongoing for many years…they even have their own skateboard park…..the PEP officers should be complimented instead of abused………..ridiculous…………….


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