Parm is struggling

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Parm delmonico steakAugust 14, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

When I slammed Parm in my review, burning all bridges, I was afraid that I was in a bubble and out of touch with the community. Well, I was right.

Every single person who has talked to me about Parm has told me that the service is bad and the food is just OK. One person said that he went to Parm last Thursday at peak 9:00 PM, and it was “empty”. I too have noticed the many empty tables at all times.

Also, people are telling me that the Upper West Side Parm sucks too.

Perhaps as a result of the problems, I saw for the first time co-owners Carbone and Zalaznick actually on the site. They had concerned looks on their faces.

They need an operations person, which they currently lack. Zalaznick is an ex-banker and not willing to get his hands dirty. The other two are pure chefs.

Parm also needs a proper storefront with an awning. It looks like crap now. Everyone thinks that the papers on the adjacent windows means that Parm is not yet fully opened.

I wanted Parm to do well, and still do. Hopefully, these entitled arrogant chef owners will get a wake-up call.

Parm neon sign

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