PEP Captain Falcon denies reassigning his PEP to other parks

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February 5, 2014- At the CB1 meeting held in the public library on February 4th, BP.TV asked the Park Enforcement Patrol Captain, Ed Falcon, to address our reporting that uncovered his officers were being reassigned to other parks, despite the BPCA paying for the PEP to patrol BPC territory. Mr. Falcon denied that he sends his PEP to nearby Hudson River Park, etc. This conflicts with evidence BP.TV has uncovered.

When asked, “so at all times, there are 8 to 11 PEP on duty?”, Mr. Falcon replied, “Ughh…scheduled…yes”, leaving it open to mean that in fact fewer than 8 to 11 officers ever show up to work.

Exclusive: BPCA pays for park staff reassigned to non-BPC parks

Exclusive: Is the BPCA paying the city for no-show PEP officers?

Exclusive: The BPCA gives the PEP a $1.5 Million raise, renews contract, all with no public comment

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