PEP catch a thief

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July 18, 2011

On Saturday, July 9, an astute Parks Enforcement Patrol (PEP) officer witnessed two teenage boys steal a camera that was on the hostess stand of Kaijou Japanese restaurant, 21 South End Avenue. One boy escaped, but the remaining juvenile was surrounded by approximately 11 PEP officers. The NYPD were called and processed the arrest.

The PEP office declined to comment other than to confirm that the incident did take place. The manager of the restaurant said that the hostess had placed the camera on her work station before the boys snatched it.

In the past, many in the community have complained that the PEP do not do enough enforcement work of this nature. This might be an indication of change.


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  1. Citizen of bpc says:

    Unfortunately , the peps showed signs of force and harassment being presented to a teenager without parental guidance around.
    Our local resident who was assaulted was in area and once he was witnessed, the pep officers relaxed and stood back and nypd eventually came.
    Interesting how a mans presence change the behavior of that crooked group.

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