PEP officers allow another woman to be brutally raped in nearby park

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rapist perpUpdate November 29, 2015- Police have arrested the suspect, according to The Post. He is one of the thousands of homeless people plaguing the De Blasio’s New York City.

Our own BPC parks now have several deranged homeless men. Be careful.

November 27, 2015– by Steven E. Greer

BatteryPark.TV has been the only news source to accurately report on the spike in felonies within the borders of our parks. In 2012, a violent career criminal raped a jogger within feet from Stuyvesant High School, in the southern portion of the HRPT. No PEP were to be found until the crime was over and the woman had screamed for many minutes.

Now, it has happened again. This time, a 26-year-old jogger was near Corlears Hook and the East River Amphitheater Park when she raped in a similar fashion. The police have surveillance footage of the scum after he used her stolen credit card in a nearby deli.

In both cases, ample PEP officers were on duty and should have responded to the crimes when a loud scream was heard, if they were doing their jobs and patrolling. The problem, however, is that the PEP are usually not patrolling, and are instead doing some other activities indoors.

Meanwhile, the BPCA has moved to replace most of the PEP contracted to patrol the BPC parks with private security forces who promise to be visible throughout our parks. One reason the BPCA made this change was because the PEP were not showing up to work in the numbers stipulated by the contract.

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