PEPs routinely illegally parking personal cars

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Update March 10, 2011

BatteryPark.TV reported on the problem of PEP officers parking illegally in bus stops, etc, and avoiding city parking tickets by placing official-looking parks badges in their personal car windows. A local paper is now reporting that one of the officers involved has been fired.

Please continue to send us your gripes and investigative journalism photos. They make a difference.

March 9, 2011

BPC resident Adam Pratt sent us this video of what he alleges is the personal car of a Battery Park City Parks Enforcement Patrol (PEP) person. They use official looking ID papers in the dashboard to avoid ticketing from the NYPD. He and others have complained about this practice before.


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  1. Steve M. says:

    one citizen making an effort, and Battery Park TV, acknowledging and honoring the effort. Seems to me Mr. Pratt would be a great investigative journalist. It is brave to make a stand.

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