PEPs still driving at night with no lights on

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April 2, 2011

The PEP’s are not supposed to be driving their carts without lights and have been warned. Many weeks after the “Zero tolerance” policy, they continue to do this unsafe practice.  BPC resident Adam Pratt captured this footage.

It is unclear why the PEP prefer to drive without lights given the extreme legal liability in which it places them if an accident should happen. One could speculate that it either preserves battery life on the carts or allows them to be more secretive.


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  1. anonymous says:

    A good friend owns a golf club, he states that the karts run “all day” on the courses with a single charge overnight. Can’t use the excuse about battery life. So, should I drive my car without headlights too maybe it will save on gas and battery? Maybe the pep wants to reduce her carbon footprint ?
    What is said is—-let’s transfer and not discipline. How about termination? A park job is complete protection for job security to be a thug and practice the behavior of “thugism

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