Photographer Christopher Lange captures Battery Park City

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 Lange of Goldman entrance

Christopher Lange uses a Hasselblad camera with 6 x 6 cm film to capture people in the different areas of New York. We invited him down to cover Battery Park and the images below are the first of a series. You might have seen him around over the summer capturing faces and nighttime long-exposure shots.

(Click image for full screen)

cropped-Lange-of-ferry-boat1.jpgLANGE_irishmemorialLange PastisLange Blue Smoke in rainLange of Marina sailboatsLange SealLange of ferry boatLange Vesey bridge stairsLange GS towerLange Pastis 2cropped-NORTHEND_21.jpgNORTHEND_2PageImage-492380-3774883-NORTHENDGRILL_1PageImage-492380-3774881-NORTHENDGRILL_3cropped-PageImage-492380-3774882-NORTHENDGRILL_21.jpgcropped-PageImage-492380-3774883-NORTHENDGRILL_11.jpg


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2 Responses to Photographer Christopher Lange captures Battery Park City

  1. Beautifully done……

  2. Fran says:

    Incredible pictures….I am a photographer and I try! To take pics like that….

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