Photos: 4-2-2024: Alligator

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March 20, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

I figured out why the lake level has dropped. The development company is pumping water from our lakes into a newly created lake. This has driven the birds away because the fresh water mollusks are no longer around.

However, the reptiles are filling the void. This approximately 8-feet-long alligator meandered into the lake on March 19th. I tried to get closer, but it got spooked and went under water.

Today, March 20th, I got closer shots to about 90-feet. I will put a saddle on this thing before it’s over. Maybe it is time to go to a butcher shop for scrap meat.  When I first saw Tebow the Gator, I said he/she was 10-feet long. I then checked myself thinking I was exaggerating.

Nope. I was correct. I know that the hind legs to the snout are at least 4-feet long based on the width of the mud strip he lays on. This photo below shows that the tail is longer than the body.

Wow. Tebow is a true Heisman of alligators. The neighbors called the FWC “nuisance alligator” hotline and the contract bounty hunter came out. But this one escaped death by leaving. Instead, an unlucky 5-footer was executed.

Below, on April 2, 2024 this one showed up in my driveway. It has a crooked tail from trauma. It behaves like it is unafraid of humans.


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