Pit bulls are dangerous

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April 25, 2013- In the news is a story about a pit bull that attacked an 12-yo girl in Harlem and is scheduled to be euthanized.

March 7, 2013- Surgeons who treat dog attack victims are well aware that certain breeds of dogs are more dangerous than others. The most common breeds involved in human attacks are pit bulls, chows, and rottweilers, according to numerous medical publications. In the news today is the death of a baby after two pit bulls mauled him.

Gateway Plaza has a growing problem of owners who have been allowed to sneak in pit bulls and rottweilers. Several Gateway residents have posted comments that they are in fear when they encounter these dogs and their owners in tight quarters such as elevators. The Gateway management proposed last year to ban these breeds, but dog group leaders, such as Jeff Galloway and Glenn Plaskin, opposed the measures. They ended up losing and pit bulls are now banned. (Warning graphic images)


Gateway prevails over dog rider dispute. Pit bulls banned.

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16 Responses to Pit bulls are dangerous

  1. Nopitbulls says:

    A little boy was torn in pieces by a pit bull yesterday…so sad. This was in another city.
    Even his mom hurt. I do not understand How in rent stabilized buildings like gateway pit bulls allowed. If I hear one more dog owner say ” he is sweetheart” before he goes after another dog in attack , I will scream…and to the gateway owners who let your dogs run leashes free in the hallways and on the elevators you are irresponsible…

  2. Karen says:

    Gateway dog owners are crazy. They lets their dogs s//t on the circular roadway nd in the hallways on the carpet.
    I agree some dog owners think the lobby is their personal home and free the dogs from any restraints…let them run the halls
    There are many pit bulls in gateway and on the streets of bpc. Some are drug dealers, some just clueless yuppies trying to prove their manhood..most of them have no control over their dogs…our neighbors lets his pit bull roam the halls….it’s disgusting
    Ban them
    And to all the people who think I’m heartless..actually it is heartless to keep a big of looked up in an apt all day so you can have some company you pathetic losers

  3. Editor says:

    Tend to agree that pit bulls are often the dog of choice for insecure people or drug dealers. There is no pace for them in apartment complexes. Period.


  4. scared of pit bulls says:

    Pit bulls kill jogger – police

    Woman, 63, was running in rural Los Angeles when dogs attacked and mauled her to death, witness and police say

  5. I LOVE PITBULLS says:

    You people are insane! Pit bulls are lovable and kind! Pit bulls have saved people (including me). BLAME THE DEED NOT THE BREED! If you raise a pit bull to kill, it will, but if you raise it to help people, it will with all of its heart! I HATE PEOPLE WHO SAY PIT BULLS ARE SCARY, BECA– — USE THEY ARE NOT!

  6. BPCResident says:

    Why am I not surprised that someone that pit bulls are not scary would say so in all caps. What a kook!

  7. Karen says:

    Yup. A lunatic. Definitely.

  8. Jeff says:

    I just saw this website and these people who still support Pit Bulls are absolutely crazy! What if that was your relative sitting there almost dying? People need a reality slap! Pit Bulls should be banned! You have another blogger who agrees with you!


  9. vaggos says:

    kill all fucking pit buls.They are killers monsters

  10. Jonasveterinaire says:

    i have to agree for a part with ‘I LOVE PITBULLS’
    in sense, if you train the dog well, it can be a sweet dog that behaves properly,
    however, the people that keep pitbulls often have no idea at all and just own the dog to show it off to other dudes in their environment… Because of the name that pitbulls are very agressive, they probably find it cool to have such an ‘agressive’ breed. Then these dogs aren’t trained properly as well and can become a danger themselves… and so we get this vicious circle.
    however i must mention that the consequenses of raising a pitbull on a bad way are way more severe than for example a pekinees. Pitbulls were originaly bred for fighting with bulls, so their caracter is more fierce that most other dogs and must be controlled better.
    but on the conclusion i can say that it’s not the breed it’s fault, it’s the people who own it.

  11. momopit says:

    what r u people talking about ive been bit 3 times but never by a pitbull. what if 2 guys with beard shoot a crowd of people would we kill everyone who has a beard I have been living with pitbulls since I was 4 and never harmed. I have 2 now and they are the biggest babies ever.

  12. Editor says:

    The post by momopit is so classically illiterate and uneducated, that it perfectly exemplifies the pit bull owner mentality

  13. EmKay says:

    I live in Gateway.

    If most dog-owners were a third as considerate as the Galloway’s, there would be no problem. When Gateway was proposing a dog-fee and the tenant’s association opposing it, I addressed Gateway management and the tenant’s association president, Plaskin (under the mistaken impression that he was representing all Gateway residents, majority of whom are not dog-owners) about the impossibility of getting into my building without stepping on fresh/dried up dog poop or pee. With pictures of dog shit outside that someone had tracked into the lobby on their shoes that day – the disgusting last straw that drove me over the edge.

    Plaskin’s response? That Gateway was a “diverse” community and he hoped I would stay but [paraphrased] fuck off, if not. A slumlord-owner could not have done better.

    Unfortunately, a number of Gateway dog owners have the entitlement mentality that they don’t have to pay for the extra services required by dog-ownership, and everyone else should bear those costs, or suffer a reduction in cleanliness and hygiene (which is Gateway’s chosen route).

    Worst I ever saw – a kid outside the nail salon who dropped an M&Ms candy, picked it up, and promptly put it in her mouth. The mother was chatting with a bunch of people; if she had an expectation of sidewalks free of feces and urine – I think that’s a fair expectation.

    A couple of pitbulls in my building – if one is in the elevator, I wait for the next. A matter of time before someone gets mauled and the lawsuits start flying.

  14. Karen says:

    I was getting into a Gateway elevator a week ago when I noticed a woman and man with 2 pit bulls were already in the elevator. I promptly stepped back without saying anything and the woman demanded to know why I was leaving the elevator…. “why?” in a demanding voice.

    I said I would take the next elevator. At that point the woman held the door open and again screamed at me “why?”

    Totally stunned and quite anxious to avoid any confrontation with 2 hungry looking pit bulls eying me…I mumbled something about being scared of dogs…she proceeded to scream and berate me…I could still hear her screaming about me as the elevator ascended. The problem with gateway dog owners is they think the world revolves around themselves..if they truly cared about their dogs they would not have cooped up in apartments all day.

    They are much more guilty of animal cruelty than any person avoiding a dog. Gateway dog owners are mostly selfish people.

  15. Hal says:

    Seriously momopit

    Perhaps you should have given that high school education another go…..

    I understand you may feel necessary to have a Pitbull to protect the “assets” of your business dealings, but you would be better off armed with an education so you could get a legit job or at least write a paragraph.

  16. Karen says:

    Glad to see other people recognize the danger. Gateway is on notice.

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