Pit bulls kill and should be banned as a breed

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October 9, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

In the news is yet another horrific case of a pit bull attack. A mother had her two toddlers killed and she tried to fend off the dog. Popular twitter blue-check Jack Posobiac tweeted about pit bulls being a dangerous breed.

I have been blogging about the dangers of the pit bull breed for more than a decade. When I was in Lower Manhattan, the large Gateway apartment complex had drug dealers with pit bulls terrorizing residents. I received a lot of hate mail. I was even assaulted by a dog owner once.

I knew about these dangers from my plastic surgery days. Those are the doctors who see these injuries and write research on dog bites. Pit bulls and few other breeds are the ones associated with most of these terrible attacks on children, etc.

Owners of pit bulls are always in denial. They think their dig is the exception until their dog eats their face off.

It is cruel to breed pit bulls. It is a danger to society to own pit bulls. Pit bulls need to be banned.


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