Post article on the out of control food carts problem

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Hot dog stand on AlbanyAugust 2, 2015- You are not alone if you are pissed off about the growing spread of these hot dog and fruit carts coming into BPC. The Post has a lengthy article about the history of them, the law regulating them, and the lack of enforcement of the laws.

This is what I have effectively done to get rid of certain carts. You have to file a complaint with 311. However, the complaint falls under “sidewalks” and not food categories. Report the carts for blocking a crosswalk or being too close to a hydrant. The First precinct gets those complaints and they do respond. The police have arrested numerous vendors after my complaints.

The most egregious example of lack of enforcement is found on Albany Street by the West Side Highway. This is the same cart in the Post for selling $30 hot dogs to foreign tourists. Well, he simply relocated to across the street and is still hiding his price list. I have called Rick Lee at the First precinct Community Affairs as well as 311 and nothing has happened.

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