Poulakakos group discusses party boat plans for Pier A

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April 9, 2013- Since last presenting their plans for developing Pier A more than a year ago, the Poulakakos group has now made it known that they intend to offer some sort of dinner or party boat cruise that would dock and depart from the pier. This has raised concerns from the local residents, because along with a several-hundred passenger boat would be tour buses and raucous crowds, as seen by Pier 17.

The CB1 requested that the Poulakakos give an update the community at the most recent meeting. The party boat topic was begrudgingly discussed after CB1 member Tammy Meltzer asked the question twice.

The Poulakakos group claims that New York State mandates “some sort of nautical activity” since Pier A is an historic location. However, the group seemed willing to eliminate plans to have large dinner boat cruises depart from their restaurant, as it might cannibalize business from their own restaurant.

The plans for Pier A are not finalized and some major details are still undecided. If the BPCA turns over the facility to the Poulakakos group on schedule, then Memorial Day of 2014 is the opening date goals.

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