Predictions for BPC 2015

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Pier A plaza looking at clock towerDecember 23, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

For the coming year, I predict:

Stephen Starr will become a billionaire opening many chains of “better burrito” stores, starting with El Vez.

There will be more changes in the staff and menu at North End Grill and Blue Smoke.

The Battery Park City Authority will have an overhaul in leadership. Multiple civil lawsuits will bring down many people.

Brookfield Place will not be sold as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, deflating the real estate bubble. The renovations will continue throughout the entire year.

Gateway Plaza will remain unchanged, as the Big Real Estate machine in New York continues to control the elected officials. The leaky windows will stay in place.

Eataly will open in the WTC, be a big hit, and make it hard for Le District to survive in Brookfield Place. None of the other fine dining restaurants planned for Brookfield will open.

Pier-A will have its liquor license amended by the courts, then proceed to fully open. The tourist traffic will become a major problem for the people in south BPC, and parking spots will be gobbled up.

The North Cove Marina will eventually be handed over to Governor Cuomo’s friend, Andrew Farkas. The CB1 will pretend to support Mike Fortenbaugh, but not actually do much.

All of the newly converted rental buildings to condo will have trouble selling their units.

The West Thames bridge will not happen.

What do you think? Post your predictions.

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