Prime rib is trendy in New York City now

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Cherchi midi prime ribOctober 1, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I recently ordered, and greatly enjoyed, the prime rib at Hillstone on Park Avenue and 27th (see below). It was not an item I had ever seen on a New York City menu, but it looked too damn good to ignore.

The waiter thought that he had to convince me, and explained, “I know. You think of prime rib as something in a cafeteria, but this is really good.”. There was no need. I think for myself and despise trendy food.

Well, prime rib seems to be making a comeback. The New York Times reviewed a new French restaurant by Keith McNally, Cherche Midi, and gave it two-stars. Lo and behold, one of the entrees was prime rib! The old classic comes alive.

Hillstone prime rib

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