Private schools that do not preach wokeness are poaching students

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January 19, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

A Wall Street friend sent this to me after I showed him the story of the Asian lady murdered in Times Square after a violent criminal out of jail shoved her into a subway.

“What a disgrace. We are literally packing up as we speak, and working to put our house in the market.

Interesting tidbit came up in one of our school conversations today …. We are looking at two schools in [Florida]. The second school is an independent Catholic school, and not overly religious …. They are dead against CRT and all that [woke agenda].

Here’s the interesting point … One of the dads told us the school went on a massive drive to acquire all sorts of textbooks published in 2017 and 2018 — because, after that, the textbooks changed to incorporate a “perspectives” on CRT…”

This is an interesting story for some media outlet to cover. I bet that there are numerous private schools spotting the opportunity to poach students from the woke CRT private schools. In my friend’s case, he has two young kids in pre-kindergarten and he was wasting a lot of money on private schools. They were demanding vaccines in toddlers and he pulled them out of school after I encouraged him to do so. He is now totally moving out of the state.

I bet that there are thousands upon thousands of educated wealthy parents shopping now for better schools. If none of them provide brainwash-free curriculum in the big cities, then the parents will move out of state and save money while doing so.

This is not just an option for rich parents. The public schools in Florida and Texas are fairly free of the mask mandates and CRT from what I have seen.

Any couple earning under $1 million and living in the Tri-State area could enjoy a several-times-higher standard of living if they moved out of the Tri-state area.

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