Propaganda Watch: 3-4-2022

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Regular Political Propaganda

  • Chris Licht to become new CNN president following Jeff Zucker ouster…
  • VICE: Lt. Col. Vindman: Trump ‘Absolutely’ at Fault for Russia’s Ukraine Invasion
  • Ukraine teacher Olena Kurilo begs Putin to stop war- very good chance this a propaganda psyop. There is video of people putting fake blood and bandages on people.
  • Watch US Deep State create fake injured in Ukraine for propaganda against Putin, or it is Putin making this to make us think it is US. Either way, images from Ukraine cannot be trusted.
  • NBC’s ‘Law & Order’ Reboot Tackles #MeToo, ‘Changes in Police Work’
  • Hoax exposed: the Ukraine soldiers who told Russian to ship to “Go F yourself” were not killed at all
  • Is Hannity the first American TV host to call for Putin to be assassinated on their show?
  • Joy Behar suffers dramatic fall on ‘The View,’ face-plants in front of audience
  • NPR: Transgender girls and women now barred from female sports in Iowa- First, they call them “girls and women” as if there is no debate on that. Then, the story is meant to stir outrage over unjust treatment of “girls and women”

Scamdemic Related Propaganda

  • NBC LA: LA County Reports 64 More Deaths Linked to COVID-19 As Hospitalizations Fall
  • THE GUARDIAN: Coronavirus came from Wuhan market and not Chinese lab, twin studies say…hahahahaha
  • “BUSINESS INSIDER: Who is Dr. Robert Malone? mRNA scientist, vaccine skeptic”. They can’t use the term conspiracy theorist because the evidence is overwhelmingly on Malone’s side. So, the cast shade with “vaccine skeptic”
  • Washington Post: “This hospital tried to save a man with COVID. Then the threats started.” This is evil propaganda. They smear the families who wanted ivermectin and try to spin the hospitals as the good guys
  • FORBES: Media Spin In The Covid-19 Endgame
  • Critics slam SNL skit that mocks masks, vaccines and the CDC: ‘More sad than funny’
  • NBC NEWS: Anti-vaccine doctor who pushed hydroxychloroquine pleads guilty for entering Capitol on Jan. 6
  • PROPUBLICA: What’s Holding Up the COVID Vaccines for Children Under 5?- This article is 100% propaganda. I’m sure there’s some sort of connection to the pharmaceutical industry. They are portraying the lack of availability of the Pfizer vaccine in five-years and up as a bureaucratic blunder making parents angry. The exact opposite is the truth. The FDA knew they couldn’t push the envelope of corruption even this far. There’s no evidence whatsoever that the vaccines work. The specific trials failed. There’s evidence out the Wazoo that the vaccines are unsafe. Most importantly, kids don’t even need the vaccines. This is evil propaganda. It goes beyond normal political propaganda. It is harming people. The author should be arrested.
  • NBC10 BOSTON: Despite Study, Boston Doctors Say Kids 5 to 11 Should Still Get Vaccinated
  • “CNBC: You’ll probably need a second Covid booster shot — here’s when, experts say” – any article using the word “expert” in the title is meant to turn off critical thinking
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