Propaganda Watch: 4-21-2022

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April 21, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Boy, I misjudged this airline mask mandate. I assumed that the Democrats had swayed the puppets controlling The White House to give it up because it was bad for the elections. However, after the judge ruled it was illegal, there ensued a multi-day propaganda effort to keep the mandates alive, the likes of which I have never seen.

The Great Reset Gang saw this as a big loss of their control over the federal courts, apparently. The spineless CDC then capitulated and asked the DOJ to appeal

  • The Fight Over Mask Mandates on Planes Isn’t Over Yet
  • FOX NEWS: MSNBC’s Joy Reid complains that ending mask mandates is ‘letting the a-holes win’
  • BUSINESS INSIDER: Experts: Wear a mask on planes, especially during boarding and landing
  • NPR: The judge who tossed mask mandate misunderstood public health law, legal experts say
  • CNN: Opinion: Why Trump-appointed judge’s mask decision is particularly disastrous
  • THE WASHINGTON POST: You don’t have to wear a mask on planes. Do it anyway, experts say.
  • THE HILL: Judge’s ‘textualist’ ruling on airline mask mandate sparks backlash
  • COSMOS: Vaccines may give even better protection if you’ve already had COVID
  • MSNBC: Trump judge’s override of CDC on masks raises concerns for future public health measures
  • ROLLING STONE: Striking Down the CDC’s Mask Mandate Could F-ck Us For the Next Pandemic
  • NPR: What to know about Judge Kathryn Mizelle, who struck down the travel mask mandate
  • NYPost- Most Americans support mask mandates on planes and trains, poll finds. Reply by Tim Young “Instead of a liberal college doing a fake poll, they could go to airports and actually observe how many people are still wearing masks… but it’s not about facts, it’s about narrative.”

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