Questions you should ask of the appointed BPCA

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January 27, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

The BPCA, led by Chairman and CEO Dennis Mehiel, recently cancelled the December board meeting, thereby dodging questions about numerous controversies. They can’t run forever, and will hold the next board meeting on Tuesday the 28th..

What questions should you as a Battery Park City citizen ask when they finally face the music? The following are some starters:

1. Have you been approached by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s office, Mayor de Blasio’s office, or any other elected official, about dissolving the BPCA and having the city manage the assets?

2. Why did you fire several senior executives of the BPCA and why did you wait so long to do so?

3. Mr. Mehiel, you have hired at least 18 new employees since taking this position, far more than any other administration. Please explain why those staff are needed and not just favors for political friends.

4. The large staff of city park employees paid for by the BPCA, to serve the BPC, are being reassigned to other parks, as exclusively reported by BatteryPark.TV. Please explain the legality of this.

5. Mr. Mehiel, the complaints from BPC park conservancy staff, and your own office staff, that led to you hiring a private law firm to investigate, and led to the departure of former President Boutris, were never properly sent up the chain to state or federal hiring agencies. You seem to have investigated yourself, since you were the CEO in charge of all hiring. Is this appropriate?

What other questions would the citizens of BPC like to ask of your unelected appointed “leaders” at the BPCA? Please post your comments.

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  1. V says:

    Great sunset.
    Question to ask: Why is the authority still needed?

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