Radicals cannot be defeated if the war is not even recognized

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June 20, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

We are now almost into July. The violent looting and riots have been going on across the country for a month. The far-left communist political group going by the name Black Lives Matter is making outrageous demands that white people admit they are racists simply because they are white. Cowardly large corporations are appeasing the radicals and making TV commercials supporting the protests. Sports leagues feel compelled to re-open with long solemn ceremonies of white-guilt shame. Politicians are flagrantly engaging in hypocrisy by allowing the rioters to go unimpeded despite Wuhan virus social-distancing orders, then shaming law-abiding Americans for trying to reopen the economy.

In Seattle, several blocks have been taken over by the anarchists who declare it a sovereign nation. The Democrat mayor and governor have done nothing to retake it.

First, statues of confederate generals were toppled as a gateway drug that led to the toppling of a George Washington statue and burning of the American flag. Boston is considering removing statue of Abraham Lincoln. New York City Council removed a stature of Thomas Jefferson.

All of this is clearly a full-blown Bolshevik revolution happening. It is fascism.

The first thing fascists do is destroy art and symbols of the former society. The Taliban and ISIS destroyed ancient stone statues in in the Middle East. The Bolsheviks in Russia in the early 1900’s destroyed art and renamed cities. Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong destroyed ancient public art and replaced them with propaganda murals of his face. The next step in this current communist revolution will be to deface the large monuments in Washington, DC to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.

These large riots we are seeing now are not spontaneous events. They are all organized by the party formally known as Democrats, which is now the communist party. The goals it to utterly destroy The United States of America, from the principals of the Founding Fathers to the constitution, and remake the county in their communist image. It is obvious.

Yet no one on the right is willing to even admit that this is a communist revolution. Not even people on Fox News seriously use the term. Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson might occasionally use the word “revolution”, but they mean it as a metaphor.

The United States of America is literally in the midst of a violent revolution. Thousands of people have been physically beaten up or killed. Billions of dollars in property damaged has happened.

The Republicans, including President Trump, are cynically sitting on the sidelines trying to avoid taking the bait. They know that, if they start using military to restore peace, they will be smeared as fascists stopping “peaceful protests” The moron “strategists” are making excuses for the inaction by claiming they are being Machiavellian and letting the bad scenes of rioting turn around and hurt the far-left at the voting booth.

What the Republicans are not factoring in, or are and just don’t care, is that the headway being made by the far-left cannot be retaken. The young people who are supposed to be in school now will grow up thinking that they are racists by birthright. The once-unthinkable black reparations movement will become a reality. Communists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will become legitimate leaders. The freedom of speech will forever be chilled by illegal “anti-hate-speech” laws that label the word “alien” as racists and hateful. The Supreme Court will make illegal rulings defying the constitution in order to appease the mob.

If the normal people in America, who care more about their employment and family than ideological revolution, cannot be supported in public by words from their leaders denouncing the events as a true war against communists, then they will become chilled into submission. If the Republicans think they can make this all go away after the November elections, then they are playing with fire. There is every reason to think that mail-in ballots and intimidation at the voting stations will rig the election for a senile Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton.

It is essential that president Trump begins to call this a Bolshevik revolution. The press needs to echo that. A war cannot be fought if it is never even publicly acknowledged.

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