Did Rahm Emanuel panic and shut down Chicago for a simple NATO meeting?

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May 22, 2012  By Steven Greer, MD

For the last several days, the NATO meeting in Chicago has made national news, with stories of supposed “terrorists” who were planning to allegedly blow up police stations. Some of these scary men were arrested and their faces were plastered on the news, but they looked more like stoners in their 20’s from Florida than “domestic terrorists”. Their attorneys claimed that it was a case of the Chicago police entrapping and setting up their clients to create a deterrent for other anarchists who planned to cause trouble at the NATO summit.

But did the mayor of Chicago and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel simply just panic? Did he literally shut down an entire city unnecessarily?

New York City hosts large political meetings every year, such as the annual meeting of the United Nations in September. Occupy Wall Street began in NYC. New York also has far more legitimate reasons to be concerned about terrorists than Chicago, yet New York’s Mayor has never asked citizens to not show up for work, as Chicago’s Mayor Emanuel did this week. National news reports showed the above ground train stations in Chicago completely empty on the day of the NATO summit.

The President of the United States visits New York City a dozen times a year, and yet the Mayor of New York has never in recent memory asked the POTUS to alter his travel plans because they might cause “too much traffic”. In stark contrast, Chicago’s Mayor held up President Obama for an extra day this week for that very reason. President Obama said, “I was hoping to be in my own bed tonight, but they said (my travel entourage) would cause too much traffic, so I stayed in a hotel last night”. It seems that Rahm Emanuel was still acting as the White House Chief of Staff and advising The POTUS, at least in his own mind.

The Chicago police clearly seemed to have overreacted with violent force this week. The video images showed large groups of police surrounding a handful of unarmed punks and using fists to punch them. Earlier in the week, the aforementioned high-profile arrests were made, which seem to be based on exaggerated claims.

As The White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel was the most powerful and influential advisor to President Obama throughout the first two years of the Obama administration. During this time, all of the decisions made that resulted in the best political ammunition for the GOP took place under Rahm’s watch (The selection of a bad cabinet of advisors, most of whom have been fired, Obamacare, the failed stimulus package and other spending that drove up the deficit to $16 Trillion, the strategy to keep President Obama in constant campaign mode seen daily on TV giving teleprompter speeches trying to emulate the fireside chats of FDR during the first depression, etc). As a result, Rahm Emanuel was going to be fired, but the Chicago Mayor position opened up, the administration made a deal to swap Chicago’s son Bill Daley with Rahm, and now Rahm is Mayor of Chicago.

Based on the poorly handled NATO summit, Rahm Emanuel does not seem fit to lead even a city, much less the United States of America. Thank goodness that New York City has better leadership, or else the biggest city in the country would be shut down ten times a year.

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