Read Between the Lines: 11-1-2020

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Trump tweets:

  • “The legendary actor, 007 Sean Connery, has past on to even greener fairways. He was quite a guy, and a tough character. I was having a very hard time getting approvals for a big development in Scotland when Sean stepped in and shouted,“Let him build the damn thing”. That was all I needed, everything went swimmingly from there. He was so highly regarded & respected in Scotland and beyond that years of future turmoil was avoided. Sean was a great actor and an even greater man. Sincere condolences to his family!


  • A hand full of protesters go to AG Barr’s house to demand he lock up Biden
  • Trump supporters in caravan on highway surrounded the Biden campaign bus. But who was on the bus? There seems to be no Secret Service bus, so it was just staffers. Nevertheless, it looks bad.
  • Australia has no new cases
  • Gov. Cuomo says all travelers must get tested for COVID-19


OMG. I had no idea that Hunter Biden went to law school. But it gets better. He went to none other than Yale.

Yale has been embroiled in the recent college admissions scams. Chris Cuomo, a thoroughly stupid man, went to Yale undergrad. The crime family of the Clintons went to Yale Law, etc. Yale has to be one of the most corrupt universities.

However, there is a bigger point to be learned, which is that Ivy League law school graduates are more and more becoming exposed as flat out criminal violators of the law that they went to law school to protect.

What kind of a warped learning environment must it be at Yale law school? There is no way they can teach proper ethical law with corrupt high-profile alumni who are still celebrated on campus. It would be like a medical school with Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer as alumni who are still celebrated and welcomed back to campus.

This is why corrupt organizations do not like outsiders. They are shocks to their delusions of denial that help the members of the corrupt organizations sleep at night. For example, the people appointing the Supreme Court only choose Ivy League graduates because they do not want to expose all of the corruption that has been taking place for hundreds of years. Wall Street top firms only take Ivy League for this reason. I went to NYU surgery and they hired mostly NYU residents to become full attending because bringing in outside surgeons would threaten the corrupt operations (and most surgery programs were like that at the time). Then, of course, mafia crime families only bring in family.


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