Read Between the Lines: 8-4-2020

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Trump tweets:

  • In an illegal late night coup, Nevada’s clubhouse Governor made it impossible for Republicans to win the state. Post Office could never handle the Traffic of Mail-In Votes without preparation. Using Covid to steal the state. See you in Court!


  • At 7:40, I will be on the Piscopo show
  • Maryland governor blocks local governments from prohibiting school reopenings
  • WTF? Antifa Marxists likely strapped a goose with fireworks explosives
  • ‘You can’t do that’: Trump argues with reporter over Covid-19 death figures: This is great. President Trump exposed the flaws in methodology that this propagandist from HBO Axios was trying to use in an interview. Trump correctly points out that the only correct death rate to use is the number of deaths per number of cases. This reporter wanted to use the number of deaths per capita. But The death rate of any sort of disease is how many people die from the disease. Then, he did not mention this, but the much hyped 150,000 deaths is a garbage stat. People are being designated as virus deaths when they die of other causes. So the per capita death stat is bogus.
  • Coronavirus cases are climbing in Midwest states with previously low infections: I took the time to actually read this Washington Post propaganda, below. It was shockingly bad reporting. Despite the headline making it sound as if it would be a story about Statistics, the story is mostly about bashing President Trump. All they say statistically is that the Midwest is where we are seeing the largest percentage of Wuhan virus death and new cases increases. That’s the oldest statistical trick in the book. A percentage increase is totally meaningless. What is the absolute number of increase in cases? So, someplace out in Oklahoma has seen two deaths from the coronavirus and then suddenly sees four deaths, they’re going to have a “100% Increase in deaths“ Boy, that sounds scary. But it’s clinically meaningless because it goes from 2 to 4. Of course you’re going to see a huge increase in percentages in the Midwest because they never had many deaths to begin with. Note also that any of these propaganda stories has numerous journalist attached to it. That’s because they know they are making propaganda and they don’t want to have one single person identified with it. It is the same concept as police officers all opening fire on a suspect and having so many rounds fired that it’s impossible to pinpoint it on just one cop. I wish we had a president with the guts to start arresting editors and publishers for doing this. This is not first amendment protected speech. This is flat out treason. This is a Marxist revolution.The so-called Republican governors in the states are cowering in fear to this propaganda. They’re scared to death of being labeled as someone who “recklessly open” their states. It’s repulsive. If Trump wins, and I think he will, there needs to be a purge of the republican party. No more Mike DeWines, Lindsay Grahams, Chuck Grassley, and countless others.



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