Restaurant food trash still a problem attracting rats

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April 16, 2012

A surgeon and his wife who live in 2 River Terraces asked BatteryPark.TV to assist them with a trash problem. The neighboring French bakery, Le Pain Quotidien, leaves food trash on the sidewalk, sometimes open loaves of bread, for the rats to eat. The growing rodent problem has been a top priority for the BPCA, and CEO Gayle Horwitz has explained, “We hired the world’s leading authority on rats” to study the problem.

The BPCA has established trash compacting sites whereby the local apartment buildings can take their trash and avoid this sidewalk problem reminiscent of Naples, Italy.  However, the BPCA explained to us today that private restaurants and stores are not part of this trash compacting program. The general manager of  Le Pain Quotidien had no idea that trash compactors even existed.

Open loaves of bread in the trash of Le Pain Quotidien by 2 River Terrace


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  1. fran says:

    i was just at the restaurant at the southern tip and was finished eating when the rats came out and slowly walked around…i was so grossed out that i can barely talk about…restuarants leaving food around should be fined….disgusting as is the people who leave bread for birds and squirrels….rats are bigger…….f

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