Review: Amazon’s limited series: The Giant Beast That Is The Global Economy

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February 26, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

As I have mentioned before, the vast majority of original content coming from Amazon or Netflix is garbage. However, occasionally something is watchable. The limited series The Giant Beast that is the Global Economy is one of them.

I have previously read Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer that detailed how politicians use family members to funnel corrupt business deals from China, etc. Joe Biden, the Clintons, and Mitch McConnell should be in prison. I had written my own essay Democrat Marriage Fraud before reading he book.

This Amazon series goes into detail about how global corruption happens. The first episode is a “How To” on money laundering. Cyprus and Panama were havens for crooks to create shell companies and then launder their money though dirty banks. However, Cyprus imploded in 2013 and they have cracked down.

The easiest place to form an LLC now is in the United States and the State of Delaware. Most of the global laundered money makes its way into the U.S. to purchase real estate. Once those pencil towers are resold, the money is laundered clean. Look all around you in Lower Manhattan. Most of those new towers are empty. They are just instruments for money laundering (as are multi-million-dollar fine art, expensive watches, expensive classic cars, etc.).

The last episode looked at corruption hotspots around the world. Some non-profits anti-corruption groups use corporate surveys to rank the countries by corruption.

The reason that corruption is so bad is that it stifles economies. The most corrupt nations have the worst economies. Corruption scares away investors and hinders innovation.

New York is a very corrupt region. That is why it is a dying city. People are fleeing. The infrastructure cannot get repaired because the projects turn into bloated skimming schemes. Most of the elected officials are really appointed by the corrupt special interests given that New York is a one-party state. Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo have had many of their most senior advisors sent to jail for corruption, but the law enforcers lack the courage to actually go after those kings on the chessboards. Even disgraced Sheldon Silver, twice-convicted, is not yet in prison as he stalls the sentencing by calling in favors from judges he helped appoint.

Amazon is the biggest company in the world. Jeff Bezos a big enemy of Trump and populism. He is a globalist and globalist engage in corruption, such as tax evasion. Therefore, I was very surprised to see the honesty in this Amazon original series.

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