American Flatbread Tribeca closes

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Update February 10, 2015- This company has closed down. 

March 5, 2014– By Steven E. Greer, MD

I was invited to check out the 13-month old American Flatbread on Canal Street at Hudson Street. The first store opened in Vermont, and the others have maintained the Vermont ski loft style, with unique changes to the menu.

American Flatbread salad cropAmerican Flatbread is a large venue complete with a party room in the basement. They currently have a small band on Wednesday night by the entrance. (During my visit, I think that I convinced the managers to go to Hill Country barbecue on 26th street and start something similar in their lower level. Let’s cross our fingers.)

Upon walking in, one sees the unique clay-domed wood-fired ovens made on the premises by the owners who came down from Vermont. The frame for the domes was made of tree branches, then clay was packed on top. After it dried, the wood scaffolding inside was then burned away leaving just the earth dome.

They use the term flatbread to avoid the inevitable comparisons to pizza which can draw out the zealots with strong opinions. For example, I cannot stand “New York” pizza that is greasy and flimsy, folded in half like a sloppy calzone. Others reading this will want to whack me for saying that.

American Flatbread me eating pizzaThe ingredients for the “flatbreads” are sourced from local farms, including the cheeses and meats. The open kitchen prepares the flatbreads and others dishes, which won me over right away. I have grown to like any restaurant willing to open the kitchen to the public view.

I started off with the organic Evolution Salad that was plated quite artistically, keeping with the original art on the walls. It was paired with the seasonal hot cider spiked with rum and topped with a cinnamon stick. It was genuine Vermont stuff.

The turkey meatballs were also worthy of a fine dining establishment, well spiced.

The pizza that they chose for me, I mean flatbread, was half “New Vermont Sausage” and half “Medicine Wheel” (herbs and cheese). I loved the crispy crust and non-greasy toppings that filled the entire circle (as opposed to authentic Sicilian or Italian pizzas). I also liked that the pie was cut into squares.

The dessert was cheesecake made on-site and a nice cappuccino.

I closed it out by listening to the Irish band of Peader and Pio.

American Flatbread is a perfect place for meeting coworkers or taking the small kids. Tell them BatteryPark.TV suggested it.

American Flatbread   205 Hudson Street (on Canal Street)  (212) 776-1441

American Flatbread cider cropAmerican Flatbread lemonadeAmerican Flatbread salad cropAmerican Flatbread pizza top view cropAmerican Flatbread oven chef cropAmerican Flatbread managers by oven cropChef Ben DawsonAmerican flatbread dessert crop

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