Review: Blaue Gans schnitzel and strudel

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Bluea Gans apple strudel lowSeptember 13, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

On my second tour of Austrian schnitzel, I visited Blaue Gans on Duane Street. Most of the bar was taken up by a birthday party for a TV celebrity, but the dining room was fine.

Bluea Gans pork schnitzel low

Mirrors in Blaue GansManager Walter Krajnc talked me into the classic pork schnitzel. I was going to go for the chicken. He also convinced me to order a large draft beer. It took a lot of convincing.

Bluea Gans beer lowThe schnitzel arrived and was well plated. The breading was nice and the pork was tender. The crisp potato-cucumber salad & lingonberries was a good twist.

Afterward, the manager insisted that I try the apple strudel. It was well made with flaky layers and tasty apples that were not too sour.

Bluea Gans apple strudel lowNext up: the schnitzel at the bar of Bâtard.


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