Review: Evacuation Day Plaza

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Kaplan PiccoloFebruary 11, 2016- Two eccentric FiDi businessmen, James Kaplan and Arthur Piccolo, succeeded in achieving a bizarre goal of renaming Bowling Green to “Evacuation Day Plaza”. Apparently, it is in honor of when the British left Downtown after the Revolutionary War.

Mr. Piccolo also takes credit for taking care of the Wall Street Bull statue and other Bowling Green issues. However, his claims are unsubstantiated in our opinion.

This weird new name of “Evacuation Day Plaza”, which stirs memories of September 11th more than anything else, is classic Piccolo and Kaplan work.

BatteryPark.TV interacted with these two gentlemen a few years ago when we shared the common goal of making the daytime events of the Fourth of July showcase all of the historic sites nearby. However, we resigned when it became apparent that Mr. Piccolo was marching to his own drum, trying to get his ridiculous version of the plans supported by Macy’s, etc (which he failed to do).

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