Review: Fox in the Snow Cafe, New Albany

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January 21, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

I picked a bad day to try the newly opened Fox in the Snow Cafe in New Albany, across the street from me. It was MLK Day and the kids were out of school. It was also negative two degrees.

As the owner of Holy Cow Bakery with my own pour-over coffee shop concept up and running for years in New York City’s Le District, I pay attention to coffee shops when I travel. None of them have beat me to it, but Fox in the Snow is close.

They do pour-over, but they do it the wrong way in my mind. It takes too long because their filters are too slow. They also do not roast their own beans.

However, they do grind a small portion of beans just for one serving, which gives the aroma and freshness that is part of my concept.

They have in-house baking, which is nice. However, they still screw it up, by my high standards. For example, the sticky buns and cinnamon rolls are cold when they should be heated, and the chocolate chip cookie is all wrong.

The place is packed because this is the best coffee shop I have seen in the country. I just have higher standards.

Of note, I had lunch in the Winter of 2016-17 with the mayor of small New Albany. I told him that the place was a creepy ghost town compared to what I was used to in Manhattan. I rarely saw humans. Everyone seemed to stay inside their McMansions. I said that a coffee shop would help tremendously. I was right.

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