Review: Gotan Tribeca respects brewed coffee

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September 5, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

It is still hard to find New York coffee shops that are not nothing but cappuccino factories. The American brewed coffee is mostly served from large multi-gallon containers and tastes bad. Blue Bottle and few others offer the pour-over single-cup brewed style, but they are hard to locate. The Tribeca Blue Bottle left town. However, close by, Le District now has a nice pour-over station (that I helped design).

Gotan outdoorsGotan opened up this Spring at 130 Franklin Street by Terra and Distilled. They serve pour-over brewed coffee. They have also installed well designed inviting benches and tables that have electrical plugs, ideal for the loitering coffee house customer with laptops.

The fanciest coffees are only $5, so Gotan is affordable. However, like all places I have tried that serve pour-over, the “baristas” fuss way too much over this and spend five minutes making the damn thing. I have a method at home that makes a pour-over in 30-seconds.

Regarding the food, I tried the pancakes. They were too expensive, but seemed to be made of high quality ingredients.

Gotan counterGotan seatingGotan pancakesThe ricotta cheese pancakes for $14



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  1. Nick Kontos says:

    AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Steve.

    Nick Kontos

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