Review: James Bond: No Time to Die

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October 13, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

I saw the first movie in a theater in many years. I happened to have gone to the best theater in the country, I think. It was a great experience (large reclining seats, drinks, etc.).

I saw the James Bond film No Time To Die. It is not the woke misery you think. They nailed it. The plot and editing were smooth. There were no cringe moments. It was one of the best Daniel Craig films of them all.

I can’t spoil the plot, but this is a tremendously important film. It blows wide open the man-made virus epidemic we are suffering through. This is not a good film for Tony Fauci and the communists.

Update October 1, 2022- I can give away some of the plot now.

This film is on Amazon Prime. I watched it again.  When I saw it a year ago down in Naples, I spotted the similarities between the plot and what was going on in real life. Watching it a second time makes it even more obvious that the producers knew about real bio-weapons programs.

The screenplay was written in 2019, right as the Wuhan Virus was spreading. The government knew all about it back in 2019, be we did not know about it until February of 2020.

The entire plot of “No Time to Die” is about bioweapons of mass destruction created by the good guys (i.e., the UK and USA). However, those “good guys” blurred the lines and lost their moral compass. The British spy boss in the film known as “Q” is shown covering up his tracks.

These big budget spy films have extensive input from the real spy agencies. They knew back then about the United States efforts with numerous bio weapons labs around the world.

Update February 1, 2023- I watched No Time To Die again because I only have Amazon Prime content for the time being. The scene where the evil Bond villain, Safin, explains his goals and motives to Bond literally sounds like something Klaus Schwab would say at at a WEF Davos meeting.

Safin explains that he is the rare intellect to see the future clearly and that everyone else in the masses enjoys being controlled. Well, Klaus likes to say “We must control the future”. He just said that at the 2023 Davos. Safin even wears a costume resembling a Star Trek robe like Schwab did last year. Klaus’ real childhood was bad. His father was a Nazi. Bond villain Savin’s childhood was bad.

Klaus is such a moron that he’s getting his lifestyle ideas from Bond movies. He has surrounded himself with subservient yes-men who tell him he looks and sounds good.

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