Review: Jean-Georges prix fixe lunch is great

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Jean Georges shrimp saladJanuary 16, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

I had some time to kill in Midtown and went to Jean-Georges Nougatine for lunch. This is despite the fact that their death trap, all-glass, hard-to-see, doors nearly killed me last time.

As I was waiting for a seat, standing by the bar, when a man bumped into me. He was wearing black messy pants and a winter coat. His shoulder strap bag looked like a piece of plastic junk. He was very skinny and emaciated, with a beard. I thought he was a homeless guy, but when he said, “I apologize”, I knew it was Sting.

I stared at him, not believing it was him. I do not understand why he was so skinny. He has seemed muscular and healthy whenever I have seen him on stage. But it was definitely Sting.

No one recognized him, but he told a staffer something, and then they whisked him off to a nice table. I told the hostesses and they did not seem to know who he even was.

Anyway, I got the three-course prix fixe lunch for $38. Once again, I was blown away.

The shrimp salad had flavor. Shrimp is usually a tough and chewy trash food. This was tender and savory.

Jean Georges salmonThe sesame seed salmon was the best salmon that I have ever had.

Jean Georges almond cake and apple ice creamThe almond cake and apple ice cream was not too bad either.

I wish that Beaubourg’s menu was more like Nougatine’s.

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