Review: Narcos

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January 19, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I used my Apple TV box for the first time to watch the new Netflix series Narcos. It is very educational and enjoyable to watch; one of those history lesson shows wrapped up in a drama, like Downton Abbey.

Pedro Pascal (the fighter on Game of Thrones who had his skull crushed by The Mountain) and Boyd Holbrook play two American DEA agents in Colombia trying to arrest and extradite Pablo Escobar, the head of the Medellín cocaine cartel in the 1980’s.

Escobar was the first person to smuggle large amounts of cocaine into Miami and started the drug wars that killed thousands. It prompted Ronald and Nancy Reagan to begin their infamous war on drugs, which was really more about fighting communism in South and Central America than it was about stopping the flow of drugs.

There is nothing else on TV now, so this is a good time to try out a new show. I bet this series is what motivated Sean Penn to visit El Chapo.

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