Review: Sadelle’s Jewish deli in SoHo

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Sadelles closedUpdate September 6, 2015- Eater is slamming these guys for closing down too. Something really bad must have happened in the kitchen or with the staff.

September 5, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

The same eccentric chefs who can cook well but not run a restaurant well, and who fumbled the opening of Parm, are screwing up the launch of the much anticipated Sadelle’s Jewish deli in SoHo. They allowed the food blogs in to promote its opening, then promptly closed down for a week.

I wasted $15 on cab fare to try it out today, only to find that they had closed again for “training”. Several other people were out front clearly upset to see white paper on the windows.

I peaked in and saw owners Carbone and Zalaznick sitting, and got a glimpse of the interior. The take-out section should be fine, but I wager a big bet that any orders for the sit-down section will be screwed up.

By the way, they put a lot more effort into making this SoHo storefront look nice and cute than they did for the Parm in Battery Park. That says a lot about what they think of our community.

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