Review: Southern California restaurants

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chateau-marmont-salmon(An adequate but not stellar meal at Chateau Marmonte)

October 17, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

As you know, I am in Southern California for a music festival. I am back in LA now ready to fly home.

I have concluded that the entire Los Angeles and nearby desert region of Palm Springs is devoid of quality restaurants that we take for granted in New York and the East Coast.

This is bizarre too, because the demand and wealth is there. People in Hollywood love to dine out. But the restaurants are more concerned with trendiness and celebrities then they are with running a restaurant. Almost all of the famous spots that you have heard of are mostly nightclubs masquerading as restaurants.

Admittedly, I am making this broad conclusion based on a small sampling size, but I can size things up well in the food business. There are no Michelin-star restaurants in the area, for example.

However, this vacuum creates an opportunity. The employee pool is great, with loads of nice and attractive people to choose from. I suggested to the top restaurant group owners in New York that they branch out here in Southern California.


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