Review: Sun Kil Moon album Benji

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September 16, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I made a rare new discovery in music with the band called Sun Kil Moon, which is headed by lyricist and guitarist Mark Kozelek. He grew up in Ohio and then moved to San Francisco.

The “lyrics” to this album are really an autobiography, written in proper sentences, put to music. After a few minutes, you will realize that you are paying attention to the words much as you would an e-book in the car. It is a clever innovation in music and story telling and is somewhat like Bob Dylan.

In Benji, the 48-year old Ohioan tells about going back to his small home near Cleveland, and describes the characters in perfect detail. Anyone in the word will enjoy this.

For me, it was shocking how this man’s youth was so similar to mine. I could have written this.

Benji was received well by the music world, for good reason. Check it out.

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