Review: Taming of the Shrew

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Taming of the shrew actorsJuly 12, 2015– By Steven E. Greer

Shakespeare in the park is a tedious affair under ideal conditions. This production by the New York Classical Theater was doomed by bad acoustics. The actors had no mics, and the grass lawn of Teardrop Park deadens the sound. The result was a performance that only a handful of people watching could hear.

This event used up thousands of your tax dollars because BPC Parks staff were on site helping run the show. Craig Hudson is the BPCA person in charge of planning events like this. With a little bit of competency, the event could have been quite nice.

Dennis Mehiel runs the BPCA as CEO. Reporting to him is Shari Hyman as president. Neither one had any experience at their current jobs before being appointed by Governor Cuomo.

Tamof of Shrew company leader Tamong of Shrew galery

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