Review: The grocery section of Le District is a viable option to Whole Foods

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Le District groceriesMay 10, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

I finally tried out the grocery section of Le District as a substitute for Whole Foods. I found the prices comparable, the produce better, the chef-prepared food much better, and the convenience better, than Whole Foods which is three-times farther away. I was able to walk back carrying the bags and avoid that annoying Downtown Express bus that most people use to come home from Whole Foods (if the bus ever arrives).

I bought enough food for about six complete meals and the total was $64. The small push cart was convenient and allowed me to go into the main section to get ground beef and rotisserie chicken.

Le District shopping cartsIn the produce section, one of the chefs was there and I asked him how to prepare fava beans. He gave me some ideas and I bought them.

Most people are like me and are intimidated by unusual vegetables or other items. They look intriguing, but we fail to execute and buy them. Having chefs floating around is a nice resource.

I could have purchased more from the prepared food station if I wanted to. I have previously bought the chicken cordon bleu and salmon-in-puff-pastry, and they were much better than the prepared food at Whole Foods.

As I was leaving, a nice lady in a Le District outfit was serving as a greeter and spoke with me.

Please post comments about your experiences.

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One Response to Review: The grocery section of Le District is a viable option to Whole Foods

  1. kd says:

    I have been to LeD produce and will go there again & again, however there is more selection at WF definitely. And I find a lot of the other goods on shelves a bit too precious and processed for my taste.

    I look forward to getting things from the refrigerated cabinet. And I like their meat selection & prices but not their seafood as a lot of it is farm raised. I consistently cannot find wild salmon esp. at the same prices as WF. But it is sooooo convenient!!

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