Review: The meat counter at Le District is the best in the area

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Le District meat counter steaksDecember 19, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

I purchased my first meat from the Le District meat counter and it was a very positive experience. The ground beef was freshly made from USDA Prime beef. They will be adding a grinder soon, so you can put aside any paranoia about the content in your ground beef. That will be a real luxury not offered by Whole Foods.

The staff are friendly and you get that local butcher shop feel. They will do any custom cutting that you want. For example, nearby, they have the chicken cuts. If you want the breasts sliced thinner, into fingers, etc., they will do it.

I now purchase my vegetables, chocolate, pour-over coffee, pastries, and meat at Le District rather than Whole Foods. Soon, they will expand the prepared meals sections, and I might be trying those out.

Le District meat counter sausage and rare eggs Le District meat counter steaks wideLe District meat counter steaks


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1 Response to Review: The meat counter at Le District is the best in the area

  1. kdlibny says:

    Hi Steve… Thanks for reviewing Le District again.

    I have been going to their meat counter and ordering wonderful things for many months. My favorites are their flank steak, so, so, so thick juicy Pork Chops and really economizing their very little greasy both spicy and regular sausages…

    Good job again

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