Whole Foods botches hamburger stand in less than a month

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Whole Foods hamburger and friesSeptember 7, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

After raving about the Whole Foods hamburger restaurant, I have to now steer people away. Due to the same managerial incompetence that makes the other prepared food bad, the people making the fries and burgers are untrained and unsupervised.

After enjoying the first batch of fries I received last month (see photo), they have now switched them to steak fries that are way overcooked. The buns change style daily, and are stale no matter what version they use.

The people making the orders send out the wrong toppings. I specifically requested no onions, but the lady checked “classic”, which has onions.

I returned my order today and went Blue Smoke for good fries.

A smart restaurateur would open a huge lunch restaurant near Whole Foods that served quality affordable lunch food. The demand is there.

August 16, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I was shopping and noticed that the Whole Foods hamburger shop has opened. So, I tried it out.

Right away, I loved the fact that I could sit down and wait for the custom burger, unlike Shake Shack where the ordering and waiting is a nightmare. However, I am told that during the weekday, the place is slammed.

I also loved that I could see the kitchen and cooks just feet from me. I shy away from hidden mystery kitchens, especially in fast food places.

The hamburger patty is the right thickness and size, in my humble opinion (there is no right or wrong with this stuff). Everything is very fresh, and I trust the meat, since it is Whole Foods. That is key. So many burger chains use pink slime, etc.

The bun is not to my liking. I wish that they offered an old fashioned moist sesame seed bun.

The French fries are very nice, in my opinion. Unlike the thin greasy disasters at Shake Shack, these are the proper thickness, and one eats actual potato instead of sticks of oil. Only Blue Smoke has comparably good fries.

Whole Foods hamburger and fries heldThey also sell milk shakes, including Vegan varieties. An obvious non-Vegan next to me ordered the Vegan shake and loved it.

The price is right, too. My meal cost the same as Shake Shack.

I even liked the easy-to-understand menu board. So many menus and boards are confusing and poorly designed (Shake Shack’s is one of the worst. It is as hard to read as a New York Stock Exchange trading floor scroller).

After many years of screwing up, it seems that Whole Foods finally got it right for this space (Tacos are also available down the isle by the pizza counter. I will try those next).

Whole Foods hamburger menu boardWhole Foods hamburgers being made

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  1. Ed says:

    In my opinion…nicely done…

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