Review: Whole Foods taco bar is just gross

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Whole Foods tacos in boxSeptember 14, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I tried out the new Whole Foods taco bar. The prices are great, at $5 for two tacos, and I was enthused, despite the bad display of toppings. Then, I saw them prepare the tacos, and was grossed out.

The small grill they use has cluttered pans all around it. There is no light above the cooking area. The meat the use comes from all-day-heated pans.

Whole Foods taco stand grillsThe toppings are old and lack the freshness that one would expect from Whole Foods. There were no bright green lettuce or tomatoes, for example.

When I opened the box and began to eat the tacos, the appearance was awful. The amount of grease that poured out of the taco onto the cardboard box was profuse.

Whole Foods taco toppingsThe problem here is the same one that plagues the hamburger station. Whole Foods has very poor quality control standards and seems to be unwilling to hire proper managers. The people making my taco clearly had very little training.

Once again, we are left rooting for the Fairway grocery store to open ASAP.

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