Tapas Plan B in NOLITA needs a Plan C

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Update June 16, 2014- Observer is reporting that Plan B wants to get out of their lease, which costs $21,000 per month, because they cannot make things work financially.

I did not have the heart to tell them this at the time, but Plan B is a horrible name. Who wants to admit that they are “settling” for dinner? Also, it is the name of an over-the-counter abortion pill.

March 20, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

I discovered Tapas Plan B on Mulberry Street in NOLITA when I reviewed Parm next door to it. It had a nice interior design, and tapas is a genre we do not have Downtown, so I reached out to the manager Francis Pereira. When he told me that they had live music on Thursdays, I was sold.

Plan B hostess

I arrived late, in classic Spanish style. The place was packed, which is always a good thing.

As I mentioned in the Parm review, this strip of restaurants on Mulberry is a respectable little fine dining hot spot. Plan B sangria

Although I have only been to Barcelona and know very little about the cuisine, the tapas brought out seemed like the real deal to this gringo. I do know a thing or two about scallops and shrimp, and those dishes were excellent.

Plan B paellaPlan B sausagePlan B scallops

When it comes to dessert, I am a master chef and hard to please. The coffee ice cream and mocha Flan was very respectable.

Plan B Flan.

Chef Alex Bujoreanu came to the table, and I realized that I was indeed eating genuine Spanish tapas. He is from Barcelona.

What began as just a “Plan B” way to kill an evening turned into a nice discovery voyage.

The next time you get the Tribeca BPC boredom blues, head to Mulberry.

Plan B chef and manager

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