Road trip: Hill Country BBQ on 26th Street by Broadway

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Update January 17, 2014- there used to be audio to the video, but YouTube removed it. Somehow, their computers detected that a live cover band singing a Guns N roses song was a Copyright violation.

June 26, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

In search of a good live band, we headed to Hill Country on 26th Street by Broadway (near Nomad Hotel and the R train stop on 28th). We were extremely pleased.

The toughest cut of meat to barbeque is the beef brisket. Hill Country hits it out of the ballpark. Please do not add any sauce. It’s unnecessary.

Everything else on the menu is great too, as one would expect from the true Austin, Texas natives who run the joint. The place is very casual, yet has the quality of the Nomad nearby and well dressed professionals as customers (not D-bags as you will find at Brother Jimmy’s, for example).

One orders ala car, and can choose the cuts of meat by the portion, which are then weighed and wrapped in meatpacking paper. The sides are served in the station next to the meats. Be sure to sit at a flat table with enough space to unwrap the paper and spread out your anti-vegan meal.

After the feast with great baked desserts, one can enjoy live bands at 8:30 PM. The acts are similar to what you would find anywhere in Austin and of the same caliber as Joe’s Pub or Jazz Standard, but without a cover charge.

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