Roger Waters: This Is Not a Drill tour

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August 10, 2022- by Steven E. Greer

I have been watching Roger Waters concerts since 2006. Almost all of them have been in New York City at Madison Square Garden. One of them was at Yankee Stadium. I saw one in Columbus. I think it was in 2017.

I was back at Nationwide Arena in Columbus tonight for the “This Is Not A Drill” tour that was postponed for two years due to COVID. The delay was a good thing. It made Roger realize that his misguided politics had ushered in the genuine global tyranny he has warned about.

There were several references to the WEF during the show. A sign was written in Klaus Schwab ZZZ accent. He mentioned oligarchs. He even called Joe Biden a war criminal.

Another segment had writing on the screens that explained the album “Animals” was inspired by Orwell and Huxley. The show launched for the first time the flying sheep.

The music was not the usual Wall Tour. It was from the oldest days, his single albums, and then the big hits. This was a show I have recommended he do for a long time. His right-hand man for productions is a guy named Sean Evans. I told Sean way back in 2010 that he should do a show like this.

Ron Carin is still doing keyboards, etc. and Dave Kilminster is still the Gilmour replacement on guitar. The rest of the band was all new since 2017.

Roger looked high up into the rafters and noticed some empty seats. The place looked full to me, but they are used to being sold out. He thought it was due to his comments on CNN that were against the Ukraine war. Roger said, “I see thee are some empty seats…I just thought of this…we didn’t sell out, but we didn’t sell out”

For the first time in all of those decades of going to Roger Waters shows, I finally got good seats. As you see in this video, I was 10-feet away from the band.

Roger will turn 80 next month. This could be the last time I ever see him. Fittingly, they were my best seats.

Update August 12, 2022- Roger tweeted this about the unscripted commented mentioned above:

Update August 142, 2022-  The Columbus stop really was unique. This CNN story is about Columbus.

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