Another bicycle gang violently assaults a random pedestrian

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Update September 23, 2013- A gang of young males on bicycles, matching the description and using the similar methods of the September 11th case, below, violently attacked a Columbia professor. They seem to have chosen the victim for no apparent reason other than to commit an act of gang violence. Local news has more details.

Update November 19, 2013- The NY Post is reporting that a new perverted game has been invented by gangs who get points for randomly knocking out whites.

Update September 13, 2013- Related to our September 11th story below, the police blotter from the Tribeca Tribune lists other random acts of violence involving small gangs assaulting bike riders or joggers. The list of crimes released by the NYPD to the press are far from comprehensive, so these are just the cases we know about.

From the Tribune:

“On Dover and South Streets, Sept. 4, 11:40 p.m., Two males, one of them a teenager, were arrested for striking a 45-year-old man on a bicycle, causing the victim to fall. One of the perpetrators made away with the bike and the victim’s $500 iPhone.

On Stone and Bridge Streets, Aug. 30, 8:35 p.m.- A 65-year-old man riding his bike on State Street, toward the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, was punched in the face by a pedestrian. The man fell to the ground, at which point the assailant rode away on the bike. The victim was taken to New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital.”

September 11, 2013- By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV previously warned of crime in the Hudson River Park and the incompetence patrolling of the space by city Park Enforcement Patrol officers. Less than a year ago, a young actress was brutally raped near Pier 25, for example.

A viewer sent us this chat room commentary posted on Hudson River Mamas.

“Hi all,  I wanted to share an unfortunate incident that happened on Monday night. My husband was running on the Hudson River Path around 8:00 PM, northward from Harrison Street, when he was hit very hard on the back of the head/neck by a teenager on a bike who was with a pack of other kids.

My husband didn’t see it coming, of course, and was knocked to the ground. The kid who hit him fell off his bike.

My husband is a big, very strong guy but suffered a mild concussion. He barely recalls what happened and is still in pain and having trouble focusing. Several other people who were out on the path rushed to help him, and in the meantime the kid who hit him got on his bike and raced away with his friends who were all laughing and hollering.

The path was fairly crowded at that time and it wasn’t too dark, and given my husband’s size, clearly these kids were feeling very bold. He also was not wearing headphones.

My husband is filing a police report, but is frustrated he wasn’t able to grab the kid and call 911.

I wanted to alert everyone to heighten awareness. We hope nothing like this happens again to anyone else. It’s extremely scary, sad, and deeply concerning that these kids think that kind of violence is a joke.

Take care, (name withheld)”

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5 Responses to Another bicycle gang violently assaults a random pedestrian

  1. Jimmy says:

    Pop quiz! Let me guess what the race of these pack of kids were? Oh but I can’t otherwise I’ll be labeled a racist. I’m sorry but everything today is all too politically correct to the point that we can’t even be honest about how we feel about everyday things we see with our own eyes (because we don’t want to offend a certain group of people even though the truth hurts). I think the rights of the victims are more important then the politically correct bs that we must adhere to!

  2. Editor says:

    I have filmed white trash punks on skateboards beating up a hot dog vendor…kids these days are desensitized by violent video games and horrible parenting


  3. BPCResident says:

    This is very distressing. I would advise all runners to use the running path along the water and stay off the bike path, as much as possible. I have found that this is the safest way to run on the west side. Even if there aren’t teenage criminals intent on causing you physical harm, there are spandex warriors on bikes who will mow you down without a second thought.

    Run along the river. You’ll live longer.

  4. Editor says:

    Yes. I am a safe Citi Biker that goes pretty slowly and joggers in bike path are a problem for me. I see the weekend warrior schmucks biking at 25 MPH who are much more of a threat.

    Joggers also wear earbuds which is a big safety threat. They cannot hear bike bells.


  5. Editor says:

    Riding my bike tonight going southward on the HRP path, I passed going northward about 8 teenagers on lowrider bikes acting stupid.

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