Scarpetta: Round two delivers knockout blow

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Scarpetta food domeOctober 18, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I found myself in the Meatpacking District on a Saturday night to attend an event. After leaving, I wandered around, totally unsatisfied by The Standard, so I went back to Scarpetta.

I was not planning on eating, but they were so damn nice, and the food around me looked so good, that I capitulated. They ended up serving me three entrees plus a great drink (and it did not break the bank).

First, I greatly appreciate the innovation they made of serving the entrees covered in a ceramic dome. I have often wondered what might fall onto a dish as it is carried from the kitchen, through crowds, to the destination.


The scallops arrived, and they were approximately 2-inches in diameter (or 10 per pound). They are hand picked by divers.

Scarpetta scallops

The spaghetti was even better than last time.

Scarpetta spaghetti fullThe de-boned half chicken was very Italian in flavor.

Scarpetta chicken

Best of all, the ambiance and crowd were what I appreciated the most.

Scarpatta bartender Scarpetta chef

Scarpetta: five years in and still elite

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