Schmucks wanting to illegally park on Rector Place: S1:E2

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June 3, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

There are some interesting things happening on my quiet little street and they are all related to people illegally parking.

A few weeks ago, I confronted a court employee abusing their “Official Business” placard to park illegally in front of my building. I wrote some stories, then randomly ran into the woman in person right as she was illegally parking. She had the nerve to come into my building minutes later, not knowing that I was sitting in the lobby, to demand that my doorman give her my name. It turns that that it was her husband’s placard that she was misusing. Then, both the husband and wife duo had the nerve to enter my building asking my doorman for my name again. I was upstairs and missed it all. The cops came, then the court leadership eventually reprimanded them. I have never seen them again.

Today, I was sitting in the same lobby chair waiting for my doorman to process a UPS box as the UPS driver was handing it to him. Then, in walked a 300-pound, 5’11”, guy in sloppy business casual, who said to the UPS driver, “You blocked me in. I am irritated..”.

The nice UPS driver said, “Just ask me to move it and I will. Do you always start off like that?”.

The fat guy walked out muttering, “OK. I’m going to have my people get the heavy towing out.”.

This intrigued me, making me wonder if he was another city employee abusing a placard parking pass. I walked outside to the curb. The man was driving an old Chevy Tahoe SUV. He too was illegally parked, yet had the nerve to be upset by the UPS driver.

I asked him, “Excuse me. Who are you?”.

The fat man immediately replied, “I know you. You are the Battery TV guy.”. He repeated that. I said, “So what. Who are you?”.

He said, “I do cardiac surgery too.”. I immediately laughed in his face. I got him to admit that he was a physician’s assistant delivering medical boxes. He claimed that he lives next door.

Meanwhile, the fat man had walked toward me. I said. You had better step back…take some steps back”, and he did. Then, he drove off.

The UPS driver and my doormen got a kick out of the whole thing.

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  1. Dr. B says:

    Hilarious story!

    Dr. B

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