Schnitzel season

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EO schnitzel lowSeptember 4, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

This summer, I toured as many ice cream shops as a I could. Now, it is schnitzel season.

The first stop is Employees Only. In order to enjoy their schnitzel, you first have to get into the place. Then, you have to wait until midnight, because the normal menu does not have schnitzel. But it is worth it.

EO friends

The late night menu is a steal. They sell things at cost, basically. For $13 you can get a great chicken schnitzel with a perfect breaded coating that pops and crackles in your mouth.

Most people do not realize that the throat and roof of the mouth have taste receptors. The Employees Only schnitzel triggers not only the tongue, but also the pharyngeal receptors. It’s the most unique thing.

The red cabbage side and the mashed potatoes are great companions to this Viennese classic.

EO waitress

How do you get into Employees Only? Here’s a tip: tell the door people that you want to have a table to eat.

Next up is Batard for their schnitzel (I just like saying schnitzel).

EO drink no flash


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