SECURITY ALERT: Protestors in BPC now

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October 6, 2011

The number of “OccupyWallStreet” protestors has grown exponentially over the last three days and it is causing them to bleed over into our once-sleepy neighborhood, which is a considerable distance from “Wall Street” and the original Zuccotti Park . Approximately ten protestors were found vandalizing (picking and eating) garden vegetable plants in the community garden on Albany and West Street.

Most of the protestors in the garden area were passive, but one man with a skateboard was refusing to leave and pushed his outreached arm near the face of a local BPC resident (name withheld for security) who asking them to leave. After 911 was called, the group ran away southward on the “Pataki Promenade” (see photo).

Nearby, Goldman Sachs security is at full alert. Numerous NYPD on foot and in squad cars surround the headquarters building as the protestors marched westward to the ferry boat slip and went to Jersey City to surround the smaller New Jersey tower of Goldman Sachs.

If you encounter any problems, you should call the PEPs at (212) 417-3114. If the PEP ignore you, please email us immediately and take photos of the protestors. Obviously, if you feel threatened, the police should be called as well.

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Some of the Wall Street protestors running away from the community gardens after vandalizing the plants

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