September breaks more viewership records

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September 2013 viewsFor the month of September, 2013, BatteryPark.TV received 30,150 total views for a 23% increase over August, and 130% increase over September of last year.

Viewership continues to break new ground. If you support what we are doing, please spread the word to your neighbors, post comments, and follow us on Twitter. (Click chart below for full screen)

For perspective, Battery Park has approximately 12,000 residents, and all of Downtown has approximately 60,000. Our expansion from BatteryPark.TV to DowntownTV began only in January of 2013. Other online newspapers, such as the Tribeca Tribune and eBroadsheet receive less than 5,000 views per month. Downtown Express receives more than 200,000, but is also part of a larger publishing company. We have a staff of two.

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  1. Mike says:

    Congratulations on the growth.

    – Michael Fortenbaugh

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